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WWWW F1bfjm

Chapter One
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Chapter Twelve
Chapter Thirteen

Chapter 13

Jake hugged the door as they walked into the apartment. “Door! Oh how I missed you!”
Yoyo slouched inside and sat into a chair in the living room. The lights in the room turned on and Moonlightnights stared at the two of them. “May I have a word with you, Yoyo?” Moonlightnights asked. Yoyo sighed and got up. Jake jumped on the couch she had gotten out of and hugged it.
“Couch! I missed you, too!” Jake smiled as he rubbed his face against it. Yoyo stood next to Moonlightnights and looked around uncomfortably.
“Um, yeah, sorry about him being out all night. You see, we were training and one thing lead to another,” Yoyo mumbled.
“Well, all I know is that ever since Jake started dating you he’s been getting into all kinds of trouble. Attacking the Mayor, getting arrested, breaking out of jail, shooting harpoons at people, and staying out all night? Just make sure you’re a positive influence in Jake’s life! I’m going to go make snacks,” Moonlight smiled and walked out of the room.
“D-D-Dating?” Yoyo asked the air. “No wait, you still misunderstand, I, he, we, no, they.”
“She can’t hear you, she’s making cookies,” Jake said as he hugged a potted plant. “I missed you too, plant. It’s been many weeks.”
“It was two nights dimwit. Two nights!” Yoyo sighed. “Ready to start the real training?”
Jake glared at Yoyo. “No way. I am sleeping till we meet at the bar in a couple of days.”
“No you’re not! I want to train you! You’re going to be awesome, and tough, and awesome!” Yoyo smiled. “And yeah, awesome!”
Jake scooted away from her on the couch. “You’re pep is giving me the creeps.”
Yoyo frowned. “Look, either you let me start training you, or you’re going to have to deal with my bad side.”
Jake paused. “Really, cause you’re good side had us on the run for two days and made me a would-be assasin. Our last training did not go well so I really don’t know if, but then again that face you’re making is really quite creepy, but still there’s definitely no way that, on the other hand, well, um, can we at least have some cookies first?”
Y has a soothing lack of flexibility that leaves you ready to go!” Q smiled. “I might just take one with me when we leave. Naw, just kidding we’re never going to leave. I mean I’d never take one, get it? No we‘ll leave someday.”
Temari laughed, “Oh boss, you always have the best jokes in the morning.”
Knssquad walked out from behind the counter with a box of food. “Yeah, the part of the morning where your brain hasn’t yet woken up is always thrilling. Really.”
“Thank you, thank you, arigatou!” Q smiled.
“You guys need to get out of my shop! I have customers, you know!” Briex yelled.
“You do, and I think all your shouting is scaring them away, Briex chan,” Q pointed. “You have to be friendly to them or they won’t want to come back.”
Temari nodded. “Sage advice Q, sage advice. I know back when I had a customer I didn’t pay them a ton of attention and she left with everyone to a party.”
Briex just stared at them. “And who said you could touch my food?”
Knssquad looked back. “No need to shout, Briex. Show a little hospitality! I need it for my weapons! Do you want me to get beat up? Do you want me to die?”
“No way you’d want that, right Briex sempai?” Q smiled.
“What’s that?” Temari asked. Knssquad looked up from the table she sat in at the back of the shop. Other people in the shop who had been sitting away from the group were starting to give them troubled glances.
“What’s what, Temari nee san?” Q asked her. Everyone in the shop was staring at him intently now.
“That, thing you added at the end of your words?” Temari asked and stepped back.
“Hai? I always talk like this Temari onee chan, quit being sill-” Q started but was tackled by Knssquad who pushed her elbow against Q’s neck.
“I’ve got him pinned down! Quick, we have to take him somewhere we can keep him away from others,” Knssquad looked around fast.
“This isn’t sugoi at all!” Q whined.
Clair stood up groggily. “Oh my goodness, that was the least comfortable I’ve ever been. I honestly can’t believe we slept on a sidewalk, like bums.”
She kicked Bano in the side. He rolled over, “Well, I’ve slept there before. Sometimes you get so tired you just can’t keep going, you know?”
Clair stared daggers at him. “No, I don’t.” She reached her arm forward and felt it snap. “Aw man, I’d hit you but I’m too sore.”
Bano sat up and frowned. “Well, sorry that some idiot burned down our hideout so we had to sleep on the sidewalk. But, look on the upside. If we had to sleep on the sidewalk, imagine how bad off the others are right now.”
Clair put her hands on her stomach. “I bet they at least had food. We haven’t had anything to eat at all.”
“Well we have no money,” Bano looked around. “What do you want me to do?”
Clair just sighed. “We’re going to die. And I never even got to have a pony or an Elephant.”
“Well, we could steal some food,” Bano thought aloud. Bano watched as a large man walked down the street followed by a smaller guy. “Or maybe.”
“Hey you!” Bano yelled over to the two guys. “If I can knock the big guy down in one hit will you give us twenty dollars? And if not I‘ll give you twenty dollars.”
The little guy laughed and smiled. “You should go for it ZenLikesLemons, he doesn’t look too tough.”
The big man smiled and laughed. Bano walked up laughing too. “Alright, I get one punch, and you get as many as you can throw, okay?”
The big man threw his fists at Bano clumsily. Bano stepped between each blow blocking them effortlessly. He then moved in close and punched the man in the chest. ZenLikeLemons fell and Clair snapped the twenty out of the shorter man’s hands. “Thanks very much for lunch!”
“See ya,” Bano smiled and the two ran off.
Clair shivered when she noticed some eerie clouds forming on the horizon.
“Will he be alright in there?” Temari asked the group. Q quietly pounded away at the closet they had thrown him into.
“This isn’t kawaii! I need pocky! Onee-san!” Q whined.
“It seems Q picked up Japan fever, possibly from so much training. Whatever the case, the important thing to do right now is to isolate him from others. As long as we do this we should be able to keep the populace from catching it,” Knssquad looked around. “Although we need to be wary of each other, as well.”
“What do we do?” Briex asked anxiously. She looked between them.
Knssquad sat them down at a table and pulled out a bag. “I have two things inside this bag. The first is something no one with Japan Fever can resist, the other is something no one with Japan Fever can tolerate.”
Knssquad whipped out a small round object and set it down carefully in front of them and smiled at Briex and Temari. “It’s possible anyone has it. Even myself. But we’ll know for sure if someone grabs that box of Ramen.”
Temari shifted nervously. Briex froze in fear. Knssquad just smiled at the two of them. “It looks good, doesn’t it?”
Temari looked away. “Well, I mean, I like Ramen. But. I can resist.”
Briex nodded and bit her lip. “Yeah, Ramen’s not that amazing.”
Knssquad slipped her hand in her bag and pointed a magazine at Briex. “Oh yeah, well what do you think of this, huh? An American Super hero comic book!”
Briex cringed and shifted uncomfortably. “Look at it!” Knssquad yelled. “Look at it! Look at it!”
Briex closed her eyes. “I can’t, the art is just too, ugly! But I don’t have Japan Fever!”
Temari looked at the book as her eyes started to water. Knssquad slowly flipped the pages. “The plot is just so lame,” Temari whimpered. “But I don’t have it either.”
Knssquad sighed and smiled. “Good, it seems we’re all clean! So who’s up for ramen?”
“Me! I am! Gomenosai for earlier! Please give me ramen!” Q shouted from the closet.
“How do you know we passed the test, anyway?” Briex asked. “It seems like we did kind of bad.”
“Oh, this is how I know,” Knssquad said as she shoved the comic book underneath the door.
Q’s screams of terror echoed throughout the city of WOTNopolis.
“So, here goes the training, huh?” Jake said. “I kind of feel like I’m going to die doing this.”
Yoyo knocked him over with a kick. “Stop attacking this idea! Its going to work I tell you.”
“Okay,” Jake sighed as he put on the gloves Yoyo had designed to his hands. “So, how exactly does this work?”
Yoyo smiled. “I’ve attached special springs to your feet and your arms. All you have to do is jump and you’ll be able to jump much higher than you could have ever done before! Give it a go!”
Jake looked at her nervously but did as she said. He bent his knees and let go off the ground. “Holy-” Jake yelled as he felt his back slam into a building across the small parking lot they had chosen to train in.
“Oh, wow, are you okay?” Yoyo asked and ran over to him. “Um, it takes a little time to get used to exactly, but did you see that air? At least thirty feet!”
Jake sat up and looked at her. “I may need a helmet or like, armor to do this,” Jake said. “But, wow, that was amazing! I never thought I could do something like that!”
He stood up on his feet and jumped again. He felt his body rocketing into the air high above Yoyo. He aimed for a spot and hit the ground. He smiled at Yoyo but felt his body rocketing away at higher speeds than before. “Shoot make it stop!” Jake screamed.
“To do that you have to clap your feet together so that the springs lock off,” Yoyo said. Jake did this and felt himself land on the ground.
“Ow!” Jake yelled and fell to the ground. “Oh my gosh, ow. That hurt so bad! What the heck!”
“Well, yeah, you can’t land straight down from those heights, you’ll break your legs,” Yoyo nodded.
“So how do I land?” Jake asked.
“Use the springs on your hands!” Yoyo said. “They aren’t nearly as powerful, but they’ll give you just enough spring to do the job!”
Jake looked at her. “You know, why didn’t you tell me that before I got way up in the air?”
“I guess I got carried away?” Yoyo smiled nervously. “Still, practice! This is only the beginning!”
Bano ate his hamburger happily. “That was great, and do you remember when I punched him over?”
Clair nodded and mumbled. “Yes, I do, each time you ask me.”
“Man, that was great. What a feeling. I feel like I should chase that feeling,” Bano looked around the room and saw an older man with tattoos. “Oh, let me try this.”
“Hey sir, do you want to arm wrestle for that side of French fries?” Bano smiled.
The older man looked him up and down and laughed. “Sure, let’s go kid.”
Bano put his hand up and quickly smashed his hand down. “Yes! French fries,” he smiled as he took them.
“Hey! Mam, I bet you I can eat my fries faster than you can,” he said and munched his down.
“But I didn’t,” the woman stuttered as Bano stole her coke.
“Hey little kid, I bet I can beat you to that door in a race,” he said. “Hah, I win, now give me that toy.”
Clair sighed and lead him away. “Aw, come on, I can definitely win something else. Please? You like to lead men away, don‘t you?”
Knssquad opened the door. “You okay now, Q?”
Q nodded. “Yeah, that was a little weird, sorry everyone,” he said as he quickly grabbed the cherry coke out of Temari’s hands and sipped it.
“Yep, now it’s time to get you training again,” Knssquad smiled. “If you want to be stronger.”
Knssquad heard the gunshots and the glass shattering before she realized they were nearby. They felt far away. She looked over and saw the front end of a police car smash through the windows of the shop. Several tables snapped and were crushed by the weight of the police car. A hand knocking her down brought her back to reality.
Q grabbed a table and put it between him and Knssquad and the gunfire. He yanked Temari behind the table with them. “What’s going on?” Temari screamed.
“The cops have gone insane,” Q said. “Shoot, Briex.”
Q stood up and stared into the dust. The lights of the police cruiser flashed brightly around the room and the wailing of sirens nearly deafened him. He saw her lying next to a table directly in front of the cop car. Q bent low and picked her up. Q stood up and locked eyes with the driver of the cop car. He immediately jumped to the ground as bangs echoed inside the small shop. Bullets slammed into the walls around him as an explosion sent a wave of smoke into the room.
Q landed back behind the table he had set up. “Thanks for the smoke grenade, Knssquad,” he said quietly. “The driver is Amaterasu, and he’s even more trigger happy than usual. Let’s go. Now.”
The three stumbled out the back door of the shop. A loud bullet hit the door as they flung it open. “Enjoy!” Knssquad yelled as she tossed an apple behind her. The walls of the building shook from the explosion.
“Is she okay?” Q asked as Temari examined Briex. Her body sat limply against the wall of her shop.
Temari nodded. “She needs real medical help. Her arms are crushed.”
“We need to get out of here, now,” Knssquad whispered.
“Leave her behind?” Temari asked frantically.
“Definitely,” Q said. “If she’s with us they’ll take her in as one of us. If we leave her behind she can deny she knew us, get medical help, and hopefully get a new shop.”
Temari frowned but got up. “Where do we go?”
“Nowhere,” Amaterasu said. His body was covered in the dirt of the shop. “You guys are going to die right here.”
Amaterasu lifted his gun to fire but Q charged and jabbed him in the chest. Amaterasu’s body left the ground and slammed against the wall of the shop. “Hey Amaterasu. You know, I owe you a lot, and wasn’t able to pay it back before due to bad circumstances.”
Knssquad heard the sound of sirens in the distance and the gentle hum of a helicopter. “Q, we’re getting out of here! Meet up with us when you’re through with him!” she yelled and pulled Temari’s hand.
Q pulled Amaterasu to his feet and slammed his face into Q's knee. “That was for attacking us on our first day here.”
Q threw Amaterasu against the wall and punched him in the stomach. “That was for attacking and burning down Temari’s bar.”
Amaterasu fell to the ground and coughed up blood. His eyes watered as he looked up at Q. “I’m sorry, look, stop,” Q kicked him square in the jaw and rolled him back.
“That’s for hurting Bano,” Q grabbed him by his shirt and elbowed him across the face. “And that was for attacking Briex and hurting her shop.”
Q let go of Amaterasu and stepped back. “Now we’re even, do you still want to fight?”
Amaterasu dropped to his knees and glared at Q. Blood dripped from his mouth as his hand reached weakly back and pulled out his miniature sized bazooka. He opened his mouth to speak but words didn’t come.
A click of the trigger exploded the parking lot into flames. Q felt his body land against the ground but he couldn’t see where. Dust and dirt had flooded the small parking lot. “You sure like to blow stuff up,” Q winced as he felt his side. He hadn’t caught fire but it felt like it had. Q stood up but collapsed onto his knees.
Amaterasu laughed across the parking lot as Q screamed in anguish. Q glared at the man laying face down in the parking lot. “I added a shrapnel discharge and found a way to enhance the flames. But that’s not all I have up my sleeve.”
He sighed. “A lot of good it will do you. You’re so weak right now you can’t even handle the ricochet from your weapon. This fight is over.”
Q stood slowly and stepped away from the parking lot. “It’s not over!” Amaterasu screamed behind him. “I have a lot more! So much more! It’s all over for you! Your friend are dead! We set up a trap! We knew they’d run and they fell right for it! And you’re gonna die, too!”
“If that’s the case, then I definitely don’t have time for this,” Q yelled back. “I have to protect my friends.”
Amaterasu continued to scream at him. A man stepped behind him and sighed. “He’s long gone, you know, Amaterasu,” Little Shiro said softly. “You really should let this go.”
Amaterasu glared up at him and stood weakly to his feet. “No way. I’ll catch him. He’ll see. You‘ll see.”
Little Shiro watched and frowned. “Oh Amaterasu, this won’t be good.”
“Alright, I’ve gotten the hang of this,” Jake smiled as he bounced up and down. “But, how do I use this in battle?”
Yoyo smiled. “That’s where the straps come in hand. You know that I loaded them with fireworks, right?”
Jake nodded. “Well, on the left hand, you can aim them at your opponent while you’re flying through the air. That’s why I had you practice targeting stuff with that harpoon, even though it didn’t work out. But if you can shoot fireworks at people going those speed, you can do some real damage.”
Jake smiled. “Yeah! You’re right!”
“But more importantly, there’s another strap in the back on your right hand. All you have to do is pat that part and it’ll use the firework as a source of power for your arm. Your arm will gain speed and strength and allow you to punch with a lot of power behind it. But we can’t practice that, because it’ll hurt. Your arm is still your arm, so be careful. That kind of pressure behind it could easily snap it. And make sure that you do not let those go off in the wrong way. If the firework pack is messed with it could blow up with you and take out your arm or leg,” Yoyo explained. “The packs on your legs are simply speed creators and you just have to bounce on your heel in the right way and it’ll go off.”
Jake landed on a hand and front flipped forward onto his feet. “Oh, I get it! Wow, how did you come up with this? You’re a genius!”
Yoyo blushed. “Well, yes, I am. Now do you think you can handle this?”
Jake bounced again. “Yes! For I am the master of the skies!”
Yoyo’s smile began to dim. “Oh gosh, what have I done here. I made the most annoying of us even more bouncy.”
Bano played happily with his toy. “Man, who else should I challenge?” Bano smiled. “Oh, I bet I could take that guy’s car! Bring it on man.”
“Or you could find us a place to sleep, so we don’t end up on the ground again tonight?” Clair asked. “You know?”
“Oh, I bet I could take someone’s bed from them! Definitely,” Bano smiled and Clair groaned.
“What about the Kama? You were going to make new Kama?” she sighed.
“Oh, I could use my new Kama to take stuff from people, excellent idea,” Bano rambled on.
Clair stopped him and put a hand in front of his face. “Fine, I challenge you. If you beat me, you can do what you want. But if I win, you find us somewhere to sleep and quit being weird.”
Bano looked at her incredulously. “Oh come on, I’m not acting that strange. You act like I’ve gone Q or Jake on you.”
Clair pointed at him. “You challenged a little kid to a race and just a second ago you challenged a bug to bugging contest and won.”
Bano laughed nervously. “Okay, fine. But don’t think I’ll go easy on you.”
Clair smiled and punched Bano in the stomach. He fell over and coughed. “Ouch, that hurt!”
Clair jumped up and down. “Yay! I won!”
Bano sat up and frowned. “Well you didn’t have to hit so hard.”
Clair smiled. “Good, now find me a place to sleep before I hit you again.”
Bano sighed. “Okay, okay. Man, lame day.”
“Do you remember that time I hit you?” Clair asked nicely.
“Shut up,” Bano frowned.
Knssquad and Temari ran down street after street. “They never give up, do they?” Knssquad asked.
Temari just wheezed in response. “You know what, there’s no point in this. They are all over the place, but two tough gangsters like us can take them, right?”
Temari looked away embarrassed. “Um, actually I can’t fight.”
Knssquad froze. “Oh, that’s okay. No worries. Plan B.”
Cop cars screeched to a halt in front of them. Bullets flew across the area as Knssquad and Temari dashed into an alley way. Cops followed behind them with guns raised. “They won’t be able to get out of there, it’s a dead end,” a cop shouted.
“Is back-up on the way?” Amaterasu asked as he stared at the sky. The military chopper circling above hadn’t landed yet. “Does he intend to even fight?”
“Yes, back up is coming,” Little Shiro sighed. Behind them an exit road was blocked with traffic coming off a gigantic highway. “They’ll be here soon, too. We’re right on the mega way.”
The two stepped out of the police van and walked up to the alley. “Do we have them yet?”
Yells answered the sergeant. He looked up and saw cops being mauled by strange vegetable creatures. A bullet splintered into one but the thing stepped forward anyway. “Those again,” Little Shiro griped. He picked up his hammer and slung it over his shoulder.
An officer ran in fear away from the scene but was stopped by Amaterasu’s grip on his arm. “And where are you going?”
“They feel no pain! They’re invincible, we can’t fight those food monsters!” the man screamed.
Amaterasu turned and shot several bullets through one. It continued to walk forward unharmed.
Little Shiro’s hammer smashed into it and crushed it into a smush on the road. “Hmph. Someone get me some tea already.”
Amaterasu stepped directly in front of the alley. A Vegetable man leaped forward and connected with Amaterasu’s foot. He jumped on top of it and stomped it into the ground. “I’m tired, Eagle gang. Come out here and surrender so I can go find Q.”
Amaterasu lifted his machine gun and the sound of metal clanging was heard. He turned his machine gun on the girl and shot several bullets. She quickly slid out of his way and aimed her banana bat at him. “Well, well. Let’s see who’s the better weapon’s specialist. Me, or you?”
Amaterasu glared and pulled out his pistol. Knssquad whipped out her Ice cream scooper and moved on him. Amaterasu’s hand gun burned intensely and he dropped it. “What’d you do?” Amaterasu shouted.
“Covered your gun in acid,” Knssquad smiled. “You’re next.”
An explosion rocked the scene as both turned and faced a girl holding a gun. A green bulb shined brightly. “I missed,” Azarni Rin frowned.
Knssquad kicked Amaterasu and spun around to face Azarni Rin. “Where are all you guys coming from?”
Azarni Rin pointed at the giant concrete highway. Round cylinders covered in rusty support beams carried the road dozens of feet above the city. “Oh, yeah, that might be it. Shoot. How’d we end up here?”
“They planned it,” Q said as he stepped between Temari and a cop. “They planned all our moves.”
Temari smiled. “Q! But you’re hurt.”
Azarni Rin shot another blast from her gun. Knssquad dodged it and flew into an attack. Q lead Temari away from the alley as a figure dropped from the sky and landed directly in front of them. “There you are! I was wondering when you’d arrive,” JJDomer smiled as he looked up at Q. He pulled his white suit close and put out his hand. “I’m JJDomer.”
Q threw a punch that JJDomer sidestepped. “I don’t care. Get out of my way,” Q growled.
“Huh. That’s not very friendly. You know, I expected you to be a bit faster than that other guy I fought, Beno or Bango?” JJDomer smiled.
Q stopped. “You fought Bano?”
JJDomer smiled again. “Yes, well, it wasn’t much of a fight. I beat him into submission, you know.”
Q kicked at JJDomer who glided away from it with a smile. Temari stepped back and crouched low to avoid the fight. “Slow again, Q.”
JJDomer punched forward. An air current lifted Q up and slammed him against the street. Q jumped to his feet and punched JJDomer into a cop car. JJDomer blinked and shouted. “Wow, you’re definitely different. No doubt, you’re the leader.”
“What did you do to Bano?” Q seethed.
“I’m sorry, that was a lie, I was just trying to get you going,” JJDomer put his hands up. Q’s fist smashed through the cop car as JJDomer carefully floated away from him. “Okay, I’m sorry I lied. How about I tell you a secret then?”
JJDomer’s punch hit him. Q stumbled away and he grabbed his side in pain. “Anyway, I just wanted to tell you, that one of your gangsters isn’t the real deal. They’re not really in your gang, they’re working against you.”
“I don’t believe you,“ Q said as he jumped forward and kicked JJDomer. JJDomer caught the kick and grinned.
“You may not, but I just thought I’d let you know what you’re in for! It’s more fun when they know and try to figure it out. Like when you figured out this was a trap! By the way, the spy doesn’t work for us. They work for TFK,” JJDomer smiled and let Q go.
“Enough!” a voice shouted from behind them. Knssquad ran over to Temari and pulled her away from the fight. Q turned to see Amaterasu aiming his bazooka at him. “This time, I’ve loaded it with a blast you won’t survive Q!”
“Gotta go,” JJDomer smiled as he hopped straight up and caught the bottom of the helicopter above. Q turned to run but heard an explosion hit the area. He wasn’t sure why but he couldn’t feel his legs. His world swirled around him in colors as he felt his body connect with something hard. No, he could feel his legs, they just hadn’t been on the ground. Q’s body rocked in pain.
Amaterasu’s laugh covered the battle worn scene. “I got him! I got him!” he squealed in delight. “You lose, Q! If you stay down maybe you’ll live long enough to realize the power of justice.”
Amaterasu smiled and waved at JJDomer who had landed next to him. “Did ya see? His body’s still in tact, though! What amazing strength. But it’s over!”
Little Shiro pointed. Amaterasu spun around and stared. Q had forced himself up and onto one elbow. “No! Stay down! Stay down! Die with class!” Amaterasu howled. He whipped out his gun and aimed it at Q.
Little Shiro punched Amaterasu in the cheek and took the gun away from him. Q was helped up by Knssquad and Temari that got underneath his arms so they could help him walk. “If anyone goes after them at this point, they have to face me. We‘ve lost too many lives and too many civilians in this stupid battle as it is,” Little Shiro sighed.
Amaterasu glared at Little Shiro coldly and turned to JJDomer. “Get him! We can get him, right? We can’t lose!”
JJDomer smiled. “We didn’t lose. This was a complete victory. You’ll see. A leader who can’t completely trust his underlings is a leader who will disappear.”
JJDomer turned around and laughed. Azarni Rin followed behind silently. Amaterasu turned around but Q and his group had disappeared. Little Shiro pointed at the squad car. “We have a lot of paper work on our hands now. Get in.”
Q laid against the metal support beam and stared at the lights of the city. “So yeah, today was awful,” Q laughed.
Knssquad nodded on a support beam across from him. “Worst day ever.”
“Are we really going to sleep on these? What if I roll over and fall?” Temari asked nervously.
“These are pretty sturdy,” Q smiled. “It’s away from danger way up here. Just relax and let the rumble of the cars lull you to sleep.”
“Does the Mega Way ever stop making that noise?” Temari asked as the roaring of cars passing over head continued.
“Its twelve lanes going in and out of WOTNopolis with cars from every part of Animea driving on it. No, it really doesn’t end,” Knssquad smiled.
“Wow, that’s a lot,” Q laughed. “At least we’re not sleeping on the streets. You know, when I was younger I used to sleep underneath a bridge, too.”
Q smiled as he looked back out at the city. “Still, I hope the others are doing well. If they ran into trouble with guys like JJDomer, maybe we shouldn’t of split up. I don’t know. I’m worried about them.”




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